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DIY Exercise!

I'm always trying to find new ways of keeping fit. 

Unfortunately, I've never been one for the gym and I have known so many people in the past sign up for a years membership with good intentions and then after a month the novelty has worn off, but the payments keep going out of the bank! 

I try to do at least twenty minutes of exercise a day, either a nice walk in the morning or I go to the pool and try to do at least twenty lengths! I am working on building that up to more!

I've been having a 'cleaning' day today and as I was walking up the stairs it occurred to me I can so easily do step aerobics at home!

 I used to have a wii fit and loved the step game and I quite often did that while watching the T.V. Unfortunately it's back in the U.K now and we haven't had chance to pick it up.

 So, I put on MTV, set my stopwatch on my phone and off I went, with a can of baked beans in each hand to act as weights! 

I probably looked a complete idiot, but it really worked and I felt so good at the end of it!

 I saw this picture the other day and I have printed it off and put it on my fridge! It's so true and it really gives me motivation to 'get moving' when I read it!

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