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Getting used to my new hair

I had my hair cut and colored yesterday at my local hair and nail salon. 

I had a full head of highlights and I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. 

I've recently been having a side fringe and have been trying to grow my hair to just above the shoulders, I like my hair being short, but I also like to be able to tie it back from time to time. 

I fancied having a full fringe this time instead of the side fringe, as I'm paranoid about my big forehead! Which the hairdresser cut in no problems, but I think she cut my hair too short, even though I said to her 'I like the length it is, I just want some 'volume', she seemed to get rather scissor happy!

 Since my trip to the hairdressers I have washed and dried my hair a couple of times, but I can't help but think it's been cut too short! I always try to be positive as I know it will grow, but I can't help thinking about the family wedding we have coming up and that I'm going to look like a mushroom head!

Hopefully by playing around with it a bit more myself and once I have a full face of make up and dressed up it will look OK! Watch this space...

H x x


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