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Shopping and Chilling

The last couple of days have been lovely. My husband took Wednesday and Thursday off as he's been super busy at work, doing a lot of travelling, therefore didn't get to see last weekend.

 We've got a wedding coming up in the UK (my husbands niece) so on Wednesday we went into Dubai and went to The Dubai Mall. I must say The Dubai Mall is one of my favourites, well it is the biggest mall in the world! 

It has every shop you can imagine, eateries and entertainment. This time though we were on a mission! A dress finding mission for moi! We did succeed, but our feet were aching so much and with it being Ramadan we couldn't even stop for coffee to recharge our batteries.

 Which, when you're on a trip to The Dubai Mall, regular coffee stops are advisable! I am so pleased I've got my dress, It's a beige shift style just above the knee with a coral crosshatch design on it from Ben Di Lisi for Principles, now I'm on the hunt for shoes, bags and accessories!

Yesterday we had a lovely chill out day! A lay in in the morning, then some sunbathing and lot's of floating on the lilo at the pool. We went out for a coffee in the evening to Cafe Nero at Al Hamra Mall. Cafe Nero is one of our favourites and the one at Al Hamra is a great place to sit and watch the world go by! Must say a brilliant couple of days with the hubby and we've still got two more to go!

H x x


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