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Under 100ml

With a trip to London and America on the horizon I have been thinking about my beauty travel essentials. 

I've decided that I'm not going to lug big bottles of shampoo and moisturizer around with me anymore! Let's face it, we don't need a big bottle for a few days to a week away and it ends up taking up valuable space that can been used for more important goodies from the UK and USA! 

Marks and Spencer have got a great range of miniature bottle sets that come with their own clear zip up bag, perfect to slot into your hand luggage to take through security. 

I will take two sets with me. One for my hand luggage and one for my checked luggage. I'll make sure in my hand luggage set, I will have hand cream and body lotion, essential when traveling long-haul and in my checked luggage I'll keep my shampoo, conditioner and my favorite face moisturizer. 

I always take a pack of face wipes with me too, as they double up as make-up remover, saves on having to take liquid remover away. I also make sure my make-up is in my hand luggage, as I would be mortified if that ever got lost!

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