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Good Morning, Good Morning!

It's a lovely sunny day here in Ras Al Khaimah!  I'm up relatively early (for a weekend anyway!) as our gorgeous little pussy cat was crying at the bedroom door. She's absolutely fine now and since I've been up she's sloped back off to bed, typical!  The hubby's still snoozing and I'm gonna leave him be, as he's super tired after a heavy week traveling and another coming up next week! Looking forward to a beach walk today.

Coffee Morning Fun!

Today I went along to the monthly Al Hamra Village coffee morning, which was held at Al Hamra Golf Club.  It was my first coffee morning as an expat and I had a great time!  Al Hamra put on a bit of a spread of sandwiches and provided tea, coffee and juices. I met some lovely ladies and we even got a free candle from a lady who makes them on the village!

Lusting After.... Ankle Boots!

For a while now I have been watching the ankle boot trend grow and grow.  I'm absolutely loving the look and so excited that I'm lucky enough to live in the sun so I can keep wearing them all through the winter!  I have seen a few in the shops over here that I like, but I am holding off until we are in Florida and I can drag the hubby round the shops, hehe!

Denim Jacket Magic!

I love love love my denim jacket!  I've had it well over ten years now! Which is crazy to think I've had it that long and it's still going strong!  Granted it's faded over time, but I think that just adds to it's appeal.  I love that the denim jacket is always in fashion. It's probably worth investing in a good quality one as they are always gonna be in style. Saying that though, mines from New Look and I don't think it cost too much at all!

Shopping Withdrawals!

It's been a few weeks since I've been shopping and I'm really starting to miss the shops.  It seems like every magazine I open, or email I receive there are mountains of gorgeous clothes and accessories appearing.  We go on vacation to Florida in a few weeks and I'm being a good girl and trying to save my pennies!

On a mission!

Since our quick trip to the UK sadly my exercise regime has eased off and the eating has stepped up a gear!  We always buy so many nice goodies when we're in the UK, that when we arrive back in the sandpit we always have a feast for a couple of weeks. We really need to learn moderation, but when it's in the house it's so hard being good!  But now I have to admit my waist line is starting to suffer! I have been going on the odd walk in the mornings, but I really need to make sure I go each morning and the evening too.

Quiet Weekend

This weekend once again has completely flown by and when I look back I can't think of what we've done!  Do you have weekends like that, when you have a completely chilled time, but find yourself busy doing nothing? This was the weekend for me and the hubby.  We went on our usual walks, spent time swimming and sunbathing and drinking coffee at our favorite coffee shop, Cafe Nero in our local little mall.

House of Cards

I've just stumbled across an Australian online store called House of Cards .  I'm really liking their designs and everything looks so original.  There's a gold sequin clutch with a cactus design on the front which I am in love with, I want it so much!

It's all about Poppy

My husband and I absolutely adore our cat Poppy.  She was a little stray living rough in Dubai. We think she was about 5 months when we rescued her, that was nearly two years ago now.  Poor little thing had a bit of a bad start. Even though we lived in a nice area she was sadly attacked twice by the big bully cat from next door. The first time was a nasty bite, which luckily she recovered from quite quickly, but the second attack was much worse.  The cat from next door managed to break her ribs and basically rip her insides apart. It was touch and go for a while and our poor baby spent over three weeks in the veterinary hospital .  

Pop Up Office!

Lately, whilst blogging I'm finding bits of paper and magazines all over the place and it's starting to clutter up our little house.  I would really love my own office or space to really get into my blogging and somewhere to store my inspirations and ideas.  We love our little house, but every room and corner is taken up and there's no space for me to create an office. So, I got to thinking and while flicking through the Ikea catalogue, I had an idea I would create my own portable 'Pop Up Office'!

Holiday Weekend

This weekend saw the end of Ramadan and the holiday Eid fell on Thursday which gave all office workers (including my husband) a four day weekend! Fantastic!  It was so nice having a long weekend as two days always goes so quickly. We mostly chilled out by the pool, went on some walks around where we live, and one of our favorite past times, eating out!

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

When in the UK I picked up Robin Thicke's new album 'Blurred Lines'.  I'm always hearing the track, also called 'Blurred Lines' here on MTV, which I absolutely love. 

New hair - One week in...

Well as you know from a previous post I had my hair cut before my trip to the UK and it wasn't exactly what I imagined it would turn out like!  Well, it's been a week now and I still haven't got used to it. At first I quite liked it, but as the days have gone on, I really don't!

Family Time

I've been a little quiet on here the last few days, as we flew over to beautiful England for the weekend.  On the Saturday was my husbands nieces wedding, which was a fantastic day and was great catching up with family and friends.
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