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Denim Jacket Magic!

I love love love my denim jacket! 

I've had it well over ten years now! Which is crazy to think I've had it that long and it's still going strong! 

Granted it's faded over time, but I think that just adds to it's appeal.

 I love that the denim jacket is always in fashion. It's probably worth investing in a good quality one as they are always gonna be in style. Saying that though, mines from New Look and I don't think it cost too much at all!

 I love wearing mine with a scarf, as I think a different pattern and color changes the look completely.

 At the moment I'm really getting into brooches and badges. I think by adding a couple on to the collar or just above the pocket really makes it individual to you.

 I love how versatile the denim jacket is, as in Spring and Summer they look fab when teamed with a summer dress and equally stylish in the Autumn slipped on over a chunky knit. 

Just a few of my favorite scarves shown in the picture. 

I love how the aztec scarf has the coral edging. I think this is a great one to wear in the autumn to transition from the warm months to the cold. The light floral scarf keeps the summer feel and I love how the black and white stars give the jacket a slight 'rock' edge.

H x x


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