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Good Morning, Good Morning!

It's a lovely sunny day here in Ras Al Khaimah! 

I'm up relatively early (for a weekend anyway!) as our gorgeous little pussy cat was crying at the bedroom door. She's absolutely fine now and since I've been up she's sloped back off to bed, typical! 

The hubby's still snoozing and I'm gonna leave him be, as he's super tired after a heavy week traveling and another coming up next week! Looking forward to a beach walk today.

We haven't been down onto the beach for a while now, so it's gonna make a lovely change! We are still hitting the healthy eating in the lead up to our vacay (even though we went out for coffee and cheesecake last night! whoops)

Looking forward to a fab couple of days of relaxing and hanging out with my hubby!

Al Hamra Beach

Have a fab weekend all! 

H x x


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