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On a mission!

Since our quick trip to the UK sadly my exercise regime has eased off and the eating has stepped up a gear! 

We always buy so many nice goodies when we're in the UK, that when we arrive back in the sandpit we always have a feast for a couple of weeks. We really need to learn moderation, but when it's in the house it's so hard being good!

 But now I have to admit my waist line is starting to suffer! I have been going on the odd walk in the mornings, but I really need to make sure I go each morning and the evening too.

I'm also trying to motivate my husband to exercise more, as he's stuck in the office all day. 

In addition to my walking I'm going to start my swimming again, as I was really getting into it and really starting to feel and see the difference. 

I think exercise is so important, not only to keep your weight in check, but also for the mind too. 

Hopefully I can report back in a few weeks with positive weight loss and fitness results! Wish me luck!!

H x x


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