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Pop Up Office!

Lately, whilst blogging I'm finding bits of paper and magazines all over the place and it's starting to clutter up our little house.

 I would really love my own office or space to really get into my blogging and somewhere to store my inspirations and ideas. 

We love our little house, but every room and corner is taken up and there's no space for me to create an office. So, I got to thinking and while flicking through the Ikea catalogue, I had an idea I would create my own portable 'Pop Up Office'!

All I would need was some storage boxes to store all my paperwork and a groovy laptop table, as my laptop is forever becoming static on my lap which is so frustrating! 

My poor husband got dragged around Ikea on the bank holiday weekend, but I found my items and here I am with my new 'Pop Up Office'! I love it and I think it's a fab idea if you're stuck for space!

H x x


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