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The Day Before...

Our Vacation! Well, that day is finally here and I am itching to get packing!  I mentioned yesterday that we'll be taking our little baby to the cattery Friday morning, so I will be refraining from getting the cases out until she's safely there. We are so soft when it comes to our Poppy, but as many of you know our little fur babies get so upset when they see the cases coming out!

Cropped jeans and bangles

I'm so pleased I sorted out my closet yesterday, as this morning when choosing what to wear I could actually see clearly what I have and it was so refreshing to have a lovely tidy closet.  Today I'm wearing my cropped jeans which I got from a store called 'Max Fashions', which I love! It's the UAE version of Primark and you can pick up some fab bargains! My t-shirt (which I totally forgot I had!) is from River Island.

Clean closet, clear mind

With our vacation getting very close now and with the safe knowledge that I am going to spend up a storm in the States, I thought it was time to take a look at my current wardrobe and have a good sort out.  I have spent the last couple of hours trying things on and putting things in different piles, rearranging the piles, but in the end I was very ruthless and had two black bags to throw out.  I always used to have a rule 'if I haven't worn it in the last year, it goes'.  I think it's really therapeutic to have a good sort out of your clothes, to really see what you have and what you are just 'hoarding'. I found there were quite a few things I was hanging onto which I easily hadn't worn in the last four years! It is just crazy to keep them any longer!

Weekend Round Up

Here in the UAE the weekend is Friday and Saturday which even though the weekend is still two days and the working week (Sun-Thurs) is five days, it seems to fly by quicker than it ever did in the UK (or maybe it's just my age, ha!).  Thursday night we thought we'd treat ourselves to a fancy meal at the Lexington Grill, at the newly opened Waldorf Astoria near to where we live. I must say the hotel is absolutely stunning and the property here in Ras al Khaimah is going to be the flagship hotel for their brand, taking over from their property in New York. Sadly, we were slightly disappointed with the Lexington grill.

Handbags and Gladrags

Whilst in the mall today I browsed in a couple of shops and came across a gorgeous tan bag. The lady in the shop said she'd give me a discount. I just said I'd think about.  Anyway, stopping for a Starbucks and a few emails back and forth to the hubby, I casually mentioned the bag I'd seen. To my surprise his email back was 'Go on treat yourself'.

Bubbles and Disco Ducks

Sun, Sea, Sand & Water-Parks!

The weekend just gone slid a couple of days for us, as the hubby was busy working through Friday and Saturday. This wasn't all bad, as it's nice sometimes to have week days free to do things.  Sunday for us was very lazy. We took a walk down to the beach near where we live. The beach was deserted apart from one other couple bobbing around in the sea. We took a lovely long stroll along the shore taking in the sea air. It was a bit windy on the beach, but we welcomed that very much as the temperatures are still very hot! We do love our little beach and feel so lucky to have one so close!

Presents from India

My husband has recently been to Chennai in India with work.  He always gets me a fridge magnet whilst he's on his trips away, which consequently is making our fridge freezer look very well travelled! I love it though, as the places he gets to go to with work, aren't necessarily the countries you'd go to on vacation, so I'm starting to get quite a collection of magnets from around the world!  Along with my magnet, my husband brought me back this amazing silk Pashmina. 

Feeling a little nautical

My outfit today was inspired from my new bracelet. I've been eyeing it up for a while now and managed to pick it up on sale the other day, which is always a bonus!  It's a simple rope design with a gold anchor from Aldo.  I've got my favourite American Eagle jeans on which featured in a recent post and layered a simple white vest with my striped caramel and cream top. 

Domestic Goddess!

I got to thinking today while admiring my lovely new cooker, that I actually miss cooking and baking! Before we came overseas, I loved trying out new recipes and playing in the kitchen. Every time I'd see a recipe in a magazine I would cut it out and save it for later. So, I have decide to start up my own little cookbook. Nothing fancy, just a folder and dividers to organize potential recipes into sections, but it's a start and I'm so excited as lately our meal choices are becoming quite boring and predictable haha. 

A Splash of Monochrome...

I absolutely love black and white.  I think it looks so smart and sophisticated when you stick to the two colors. Today though I kept it slightly more casual. I bought this top a little while ago from H&M in the sale and have been itching to wear it.  I haven't worn it until now because I feel it's more of an autumn/winter style then summertime wear. As we are now officially into September there is no excuse! I teamed my top with my old faithful straight legged jeans from American Eagle and poker dot flat pumps from Oasis.

Chunky Heels... Yes Please!!

Looking around online and through magazines I'm seeing the chunky heel trend more and more. I'm so excited about this as even though I do love a stiletto heel, I have to admit I'm not very sturdy on them and always wobble around slightly when wearing a pair!  I love the chunky heel as it's not only practical (OMG! am I starting to sound old?! Haha) but they look so cool and they are on my must have list! I've come across these ones in Target in a few different colors and I really can't decide! I do love leopard print on shoes, as I just think they look fab, but the red look cool too! Decisions, decisions, I might just have to get them all!!

September! Already?

One of the first things hubby said to me this morning was 'can you believe it's September already?!'.  I know every year everyone always says, this year is going soo quickly, but 2013 does seem to be flying by!  This year has been quite jam packed for us. My husband started a new job, we moved up to Ras Al Khaimah from Dubai, sorted out our visas, bought a new car, flew back to the UK for the weekend for our nieces wedding and I started my blog!
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