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Bubbles and Disco Ducks

This morning I woke up not feeling 100%. Once I packed hubby off to work I just moped around the house for a while drinking tea and feeling sorry for myself. This is not like me at all! 

So, I pulled myself together and thought I needed a little cheer me up. I ran myself a bath using my favorite Bath & Body Works Foam Bath, it's an aromatherapy anti-stress and has a gorgeous smell to it.

I had a lovely long soak with my disco duck, which always makes me smile as he hits the water and starts to flash a ray of colors!! (I actually bought this little ducky last year for my hubby's Christmas stocking! But I think I get more use out of it, Haha)

I use a lovely body scrub which is from my local supermarket and it's so nice and always leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I also applied a face mask. I love Soap and Glory's 'The Fab Pore' as again it leaves my skin feeling lovely and fresh, without any blotchiness (which in the past some face masks have given me). 

It was just what the doctor ordered! I now feel completely refreshed and happy again! Amazing what a simple pamper does for a girl!

How do you cheer yourselves up when feeling a little off color? 

Would also love to know what beauty products you like to use too!

♥ Heather

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