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Clean closet, clear mind

With our vacation getting very close now and with the safe knowledge that I am going to spend up a storm in the States, I thought it was time to take a look at my current wardrobe and have a good sort out.

 I have spent the last couple of hours trying things on and putting things in different piles, rearranging the piles, but in the end I was very ruthless and had two black bags to throw out. 

I always used to have a rule 'if I haven't worn it in the last year, it goes'.

 I think it's really therapeutic to have a good sort out of your clothes, to really see what you have and what you are just 'hoarding'. I found there were quite a few things I was hanging onto which I easily hadn't worn in the last four years! It is just crazy to keep them any longer!

 A few of my t-shirts did stay, but were demoted to the drawers. I do like to hang on to old t-shirt as they do come in handy if you're just hanging around the house, doing the housework, gardening or going to the gym. 

I'm so excited now to be let loose in the stores and have a good 'ol shop!

Messy and everything doubled up 
on hangers

All sorted and rearranged!

I cleared out a few pairs of shoes too
My UGG's were all floppy, so I put tissue paper inside to
keep them upright.

I keep my scarfs organized on a scarf hanger
from Ikea and for my belts I used an
old trousers hanger and put some shower curtain rings on,
then looped the belts through!

H x x


  1. Good job!

    Those classic UGG boots are the best! :))

    Instagram friend: thecasualprincess :))) <3

  2. Hey Ivana!

    Ahh, Thank you!

    I love my UGG's, they are really really tired now, but I can't bare to part with them haha! Looking forward to it cooling down here, so I can start wearing them again!

    And thank you for the follow on Instagram!! I love your pictures on there! :)


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