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Presents from India

My husband has recently been to Chennai in India with work. 

He always gets me a fridge magnet whilst he's on his trips away, which consequently is making our fridge freezer look very well travelled! I love it though, as the places he gets to go to with work, aren't necessarily the countries you'd go to on vacation, so I'm starting to get quite a collection of magnets from around the world! 

Along with my magnet, my husband brought me back this amazing silk Pashmina. 

I am a huge fan of Pashminas and scarves and this one is just perfect. It's slightly smaller then your average Pashmina, but it works great as a scarf or draped over your shoulders.

 The color is a gorgeous burgundy (which is bang on trend for autumn/winter!) and has a small detailed paisley pattern running through it.

 I'm so happy with my present and think my hubby has made an excellent choice! 

 This is my favorite way of wearing Pashminas and scarves,
 Instantly glams up the simplest of outfits.

H x x


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