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Weekend Round Up

Here in the UAE the weekend is Friday and Saturday which even though the weekend is still two days and the working week (Sun-Thurs) is five days, it seems to fly by quicker than it ever did in the UK (or maybe it's just my age, ha!). 

Thursday night we thought we'd treat ourselves to a fancy meal at the Lexington Grill, at the newly opened Waldorf Astoria near to where we live. I must say the hotel is absolutely stunning and the property here in Ras al Khaimah is going to be the flagship hotel for their brand, taking over from their property in New York. Sadly, we were slightly disappointed with the Lexington grill.

We both had a steak, I always have mine rare and hubby medium to well done, but when served my husbands was still swimming in blood, so it had to be sent back (not too good for a steak restaurant). I think as it's a brand new hotel they have a lot of new staff as the service didn't seem as 'polished' as you'd expect in a 5* hotel. Nevertheless, we will give it another go, maybe in a few months when they've had time to settle in!

Friday afternoon we took a drive down to Dubai near to where we used to live. Hubby had to get a hair cut and we haven't managed to find a decent barber for him up in RAK, so every few weeks we take a drive to Dubai. We also picked up a new scratching post for our little baby! Her old one was falling apart and I felt so bad for her, as she does like to stretch and have a good ol' scratch!

We also managed some swimming, sunbathing and coffee trips into the weekend mix!

One side of the Waldorf Astoria.
 I need to play around with my iPhone settings,
 as it doesn't seem too good in the dark!

Me and Hubby
Who's not to keen on his picture being taken, but
I always try to quickly snap a pic while
we're out! Haha

Hope you all had a good weekend too!

H x x


  1. Hey!
    Ahh, Thank you! :)
    They're a nightmare aren't they, haha!
    Just had a quick peek at your blog, looks fab, can't wait to get reading!!
    Cheers H :)


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