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Banyan Tree, Ras Al-Khaimah

Trouble remembering? Try this!!

My husband had a course recently and they had this 'memory' exercise. He tried it on me when he got home and I was amazed at how it worked! Now you may already know about this and I'm just way behind on things! Give it a go and see if you can remember! Wish I had known about this at school and when I was doing my cabin crew exams!!

A Post for Poppy: Caution, Cuteness Overload

As some of you may be aware my husband and I absolutely adore our little cat Poppy. I've even started her own Facebook page called 'Poppy's Page'. where I like to share her pictures and also for others to share pictures of their cute animal babies (I'm still waiting for it to take off lol, having a bit of a slow start on that one!).  As I love my little animal baby so much I thought she deserved her very own post on my blog!

I'm back & raring to go!!!

I can't believe I've been away from my precious Blog for so long! We've been back from our vacation a week now. All washing, ironing & housework is pretty much up to date and hubby is well back into the swing of things at work!  I was going to do a long post all about our vacation, where we ate, shopped, sunbathed, etc etc , but I thought that it would come across a tad boring and turn into one of those boring family slide shows that no one really wants to hear about!  I will say though that we had an absolutely fantastic time in Fort Lauderdale and are already looking forward to our next trip back there!
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