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A Post for Poppy: Caution, Cuteness Overload

As some of you may be aware my husband and I absolutely adore our little cat Poppy. I've even started her own Facebook page called 'Poppy's Page'. where I like to share her pictures and also for others to share pictures of their cute animal babies (I'm still waiting for it to take off lol, having a bit of a slow start on that one!). 

As I love my little animal baby so much I thought she deserved her very own post on my blog!

If you think she's as cute as we do check out Poppy's Facebook page Poppy's Page and post some photos and stories of your own animal babies!

H x x


  1. She's so adorable! I love when they sleep all upside down and cute. Meow!

  2. Ahh, Thank you! And when they cross their paws over their eyes, aww get's me every time haha!!


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