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Back from vacay at the W Fort Lauderdale

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I can't believe I've been away from my precious Blog for so long! We've been back from our vacation a week now. All washing, ironing & housework is pretty much up to date and hubby is well back into the swing of things at work!

 I was going to do a long post all about our vacation, where we ate, shopped, sunbathed, etc etc, but I thought that it would come across a tad boring and turn into one of those boring family slide shows that no one really wants to hear about! 

I will say though that we had an absolutely fantastic time in Fort Lauderdale and are already looking forward to our next trip back there!

I do have to let you all know about the fab hotel we stayed in. 

We stayed at the W Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach and we had an amazing time there. We had a very long journey to Miami from Dubai, 7 hour flight to LHR, 5 hour wait, 8 hour flight on to Miami and dare I say it, in economy! (I so miss our business class staff travel that we used to get from my husbands previous employers, but hey it wasn't all bad, nothing a few glasses of vino can't handle!) 

When we got to the hotel we were knackered! We had been up for, I can't even remember how many hours, but you can imagine. We had the most warmest welcome at the W when we arrived. Cristina on reception was fantastic and checked us in so quickly and was so friendly and helpful. I even got some great little gifts from the hotel as I follow them on Twitter, a USB, some cool little cloths for cleaning the iPhone/PC screens and a little joystick (I think anyway!). 

They gave us a beautiful room on the corner, which had views of the sea one way and the waterways the other. Simply stunning. On our last night we chatted to Stephanie on reception who again was lovely and helpful, along with all the staff during our stay. A big thank you to the W Hotel, you made our vacation amazing!

W Fort Lauderdale

W Fort Lauderdale

W Fort Lauderdale

W Fort Lauderdale

W Fort Lauderdale

W Fort Lauderdale

W Fort Lauderdale

W Fort Lauderdale

My photos really don't give the hotel justice! 
(I'm still working on my photography skills!)

If you're ever in Fort Lauderdale you must take a look,
I am sure you will not be disappointed!

x Heather

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