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Dubai Airshow 2013

This week in the UAE has been all about the Dubai Airshow.  It comes to the UAE every two years and lot's of big orders are always made. It is only for people in the industry and is by invitation only. Lucky for me my husband is in the industry and was sent quite a few invites! So off we went!  My husband did have to work while we were there, having various meeting etc, but we still got to see the show and walk around all the exhibits and aircraft. It was an amazing experience, I loved every minute.

Weekly Weigh - In...

So, it's that time of week again to check in with you guys and let you know how my week of exercise and healthy eating went!  The week started off well. I was feeling very motivated to walk every day and to cut out the carbs and naughty treats. As the weekend drew closer, I started to weaken and the biscuits crept in and the daily exercise came to a holt!

Purple Haze! Am I Doing Something Wrong? iPhone 5 Camera

I've had my iPhone 5 for a few months now. I was so excited when I got it as it is my first iPhone. I used to have the Nokia N9 and I did love it, but couldn't get all the apps I wanted.  When I started to use the iPhone I was impressed, as it's way better then the N9 and I do love all the iPhone functions. I do have an issue with the camera though. I think it takes great photo's in the daytime, but whenever I use it at night there's always a 'purple haze'.

Alicia Keys and Jason Derulo Dubai Media City Amphitheatre

Last night my husband and I went to see Alicia Keys in Dubai.  We haven't been to a concert for over a year now, so was really looking forward to it. We went to Dubai early and went to Hard Rock at Festival City for a bite to eat first.  Usually I am really impressed with the Hard Rock Cafe, but this time, sadly it was disappointing. My husband had the sizzling fajitas and when they arrived there was no sizzle and the beef was still raw. They did change it immediately though. I had the legendary burger, which was OK, but not to their usual standard. Still, it wasn't the 'main' part of the night, so off we went and made our way over to the concert venue.

Kardashian Kraziness!

Every morning I have a little look at The Daily Mail online, so I can catch up with what's happening in the news back home. I always have a look in the 'Femail' section and there are always stories and pictures of the Kardashians. I actually am a fan. I'm not like obsessed or anything, but I do like to watch their show, it makes me laugh and I don't take it too seriously, a bit of 'escapism' if you like.  I'm always so shocked at the crazy negative comments people give the Kardashians (and other celebs) why are there so many haters out there? Do people really get that wound up about celebrities and people in the media or is it just another form of jealousy? I'm guessing the latter. 

The Sun Sparkles on Al Hamra

 Some pictures from my walk this morning

I'm all checkered

Checked shirts look like they are here to stay! There are so many different styles in the press and every time I watch the T.V, surf the internet or flick through a magazine, one of our favourite celebs are sure to be sporting some sort of plaid look!  So, as I am on a bit of an economy drive at the mo, there is no running out to the shops to grab myself a fab new shirt. Looking through my wardrobe I came across a short sleeved checked shirt I've had (umm) for a few years now! Playing around I came up with a few ways to, work that shirt!

OMG! I Weigh How Much!?!?

Stepping on the scales this morning I was shocked at how many pounds I've piled on since our vacation in September! I managed to reign the weight in (just about!) after the Florida vacation, but since our trip to the UK I've gone out of control!

Beach Walks

I Heart the Beach 

Round Up!

It's been a little while since I've posted on here.  We've recently been over to the UK for a little visit. It was a bit of a last minute trip, but we still managed to catch up with some of our family which was great! We also stocked up on lot's of food goodies for Christmas!
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