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Dubai Airshow 2013

This week in the UAE has been all about the Dubai Airshow.

 It comes to the UAE every two years and lot's of big orders are always made. It is only for people in the industry and is by invitation only. Lucky for me my husband is in the industry and was sent quite a few invites! So off we went! 

My husband did have to work while we were there, having various meeting etc, but we still got to see the show and walk around all the exhibits and aircraft. It was an amazing experience, I loved every minute.

We saw some private jets which were very plush. The U.S Air Force and the U.A.E Air Force were there and it was a real eye opener walking around the different types of military aircraft and actually going inside them. 

Of course the Emirates Airbus 380 was there too and they did an amazing fly pass with the UAE aerobatic display team, Al-Fursan, who also gave an excellent display. 

We went on Monday and the pass is valid for the whole five days, so we went back on Wednesday too!

As it was an industry event, business attire was requested. Hopefully I looked up to scratch! 

On Monday I wore my white shirt, pink skirt with my nude heels and my chunky gold J Crew necklace. I did feel really good in my outfit, but by the end of the day my feet were so sore. 

When we went back on the Wednesday I still stayed smart in one of my favourite dresses, but I made sure I wore my flat sandals, so I could be comfy all day.

 We took so many pictures it's crazy! I have done my best to minimise it down for you all! 

Most of the photos were taken with my trusty iPhone and I think they've come out quite well. 

On the Wednesday we took my husband's Canon with us and he got some amazing shots of the Red Arrows and some military aircraft too!

 Again there are so many photos to choose from, so hopefully I've picked some good ones to share with you all!

H x x


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