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I'm all checkered

Checked shirts look like they are here to stay! There are so many different styles in the press and every time I watch the T.V, surf the internet or flick through a magazine, one of our favourite celebs are sure to be sporting some sort of plaid look! 

So, as I am on a bit of an economy drive at the mo, there is no running out to the shops to grab myself a fab new shirt. Looking through my wardrobe I came across a short sleeved checked shirt I've had (umm) for a few years now! Playing around I came up with a few ways to, work that shirt!

Perfect as a beach cover up, wearing open over a vest with some denim shorts and even for cooler days with your favourite jeans and scarf. 

H x x


  1. Love this combination, especially that scarf. :)

    1. Thanks Ivana! : )

      I got the scarf from Pacsun when we were in the States a few months ago, was on sale, complete bargain only $4 : )


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