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Kardashian Kraziness!

Every morning I have a little look at The Daily Mail online, so I can catch up with what's happening in the news back home. I always have a look in the 'Femail' section and there are always stories and pictures of the Kardashians. I actually am a fan. I'm not like obsessed or anything, but I do like to watch their show, it makes me laugh and I don't take it too seriously, a bit of 'escapism' if you like. 

I'm always so shocked at the crazy negative comments people give the Kardashians (and other celebs) why are there so many haters out there? Do people really get that wound up about celebrities and people in the media or is it just another form of jealousy? I'm guessing the latter. 

I think it's genius how they've turned their whole family into a 'brand' and a household name. I'm sure if some of the haters out there were given an opportunity to have their own reality T.V show, clothing line, perfumes etc etc they would do it in a flash. I know I would, haha! 

I know people say how 'they have no talent' 'what do they actually do' well they are their own talent and this is how our society is going. There are more and more reality T.Vs shows on now, more then ever before. This is what people want, a first hand look into peoples lives. 

It's like when you were little and sneakily reading your sisters diary to get the gossip. These programs have the gossip and are openly putting it out there and letting us see into the lives of celebrities. The world I'm sure has always been obsessed with 'Celebrity' and people in power and it's not going to change. 

I say, enjoy it, embrace it, laugh at it and have fun with it. 
Stop all the hating, as it only winds yourself up in the end!

H x x


  1. Haters hate because they think we can do what they do, why are they famous and we are not?
    That's the way I see it.

    1. Hi Zahra!

      Thank you for your comment : )

      So you think it is just jealousy too? If the 'haters' think they can do the same, instead of being negative they should take it as a positive and be inspired to go out there and do the same!

      : )

    2. Yeah they should..
      But why don't they take it as a positive I have no idea

  2. I love watching the Kardashians Heather, light hearted and fun to watch. I think I'm just a really nosey person as love having a glimpse into peoples lives. Reality TV is here to stay and I just say if you don't like it, don't watch it, simple as that!

    1. Hi Steph!
      I totally agree with you, light hearted T.V! I must admit I love seeing their houses and seeing how and where they live lol I think Kourtney and Scott should have a spin off show, Scott cracks me up with some of the things he says sometimes! All the critics who 'dis' them should get over themselves because the Kardashians are certainly doing something right! haha ; )


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