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OMG! I Weigh How Much!?!?

Stepping on the scales this morning I was shocked at how many pounds I've piled on since our vacation in September! I managed to reign the weight in (just about!) after the Florida vacation, but since our trip to the UK I've gone out of control!

My dream weight would be 9 and a half stone, but I can usually maintain myself around the 10 stone mark. This morning my scales screamed at me, 10 stone 11 and a 1/2 pounds! OMG! I'm hoping because I've been binging on cakes, chocolates and carbs galore that it won't take too long to shift! I'm hoping, haha. Today I've started well, a 30min walk this morning and have been busy with the housework and cleaning windows. That all counts as exercise, right? Also, I've only had cereal for breakfast and a plain omelet for lunch, so far so good!

I have an app on my phone called 'Target Weight' which I use to track my weight and watch my BMI. With today's weight recorded and my target weight set at 9 stone 7lbs I have a staggering 18.5 lbs to lose! Argh!

To keep myself on track, I will report back every Sunday with an update of my weight and how my week of food and exercise has gone! Wish me luck guys!! 

H x x


  1. well done heather posting it for all to see is a good way of sticking to it i think. ive done that too on fb. good luck. ill get that stuff posted soon, ive just been really short of cash, love hayley x

  2. Hi Hayley!

    Aww thanks hun : ) I'm really on a mission now haha!

    I've had a sneak peek at your page and looks really good!

    Good Luck too my lovely, We Can Do It!!!!!! : ) x x x


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