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Purple Haze! Am I Doing Something Wrong? iPhone 5 Camera

I've had my iPhone 5 for a few months now. I was so excited when I got it as it is my first iPhone. I used to have the Nokia N9 and I did love it, but couldn't get all the apps I wanted. 

When I started to use the iPhone I was impressed, as it's way better then the N9 and I do love all the iPhone functions. I do have an issue with the camera though. I think it takes great photo's in the daytime, but whenever I use it at night there's always a 'purple haze'.

I always try with the flash on, off and auto, but it's always the same! I'm starting to get quite frustrated as I'm not being able to take any decent picture's at night. When I first got my N9 my husband got the Sony Ericsson Arc S, which he kept saying for me to get too. I so wish I did, as the camera on my husbands phone is fab and takes really good photo's at night.

I really want to stick with the iPhone, but if I can't figure out the camera, I'm going to have to think about a new phone. Any help is gratefully received!

H x x


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