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Round Up!

It's been a little while since I've posted on here. 

We've recently been over to the UK for a little visit. It was a bit of a last minute trip, but we still managed to catch up with some of our family which was great! We also stocked up on lot's of food goodies for Christmas!

At first it was a novelty being back in the cold and being able to wear my boots and wrap up in my winter coat, but after a few days we were ready to get back to the warmth!

 Also, our little cat Poppy has had a few trips to the vets. She had a lump appear behind her right ear. At first the vet thought it was a cyst, but there wasn't any liquid inside. They think it could be some sort of fatty tissue, so nothing serious. We can have it removed, but she's been through so much already we couldn't bare putting her through another operation. Since we've been home it has gone down quite a lot and doesn't bother her at all. Hopefully it will disappear in time! 

We're also back into saving mode! So, I'm sure I'll be sharing lot's of 'wish lists' with you all! 

H x x


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