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Weekly Weigh - In...

So, it's that time of week again to check in with you guys and let you know how my week of exercise and healthy eating went! 

The week started off well. I was feeling very motivated to walk every day and to cut out the carbs and naughty treats. As the weekend drew closer, I started to weaken and the biscuits crept in and the daily exercise came to a holt!

I am quite annoyed with myself as I simply have NO excuse not to exercise! I live in the sun, so I am blessed with warm sunny days and I am a housewife, so I can't even use 'I'm tired from work' to get me off the hook. I'm just being plain LAZY! I weighed in at 10st 7lbs this morning. Which is a loss of 4 1/2lbs. Which sounds good on paper, but deep down I know that is just the 'binge' weight from a couple of weeks ago coming off. So I now have, one whole stone to lose, to get to my dream weight. 

Which I know doesn't sound a lot, but trust me that stone is being so stubborn, it's been hanging around too long! Hopefully next week I will have more positive results! Week 2 aim - To get off my butt and stop being so lazy!!!!

H x x


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