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Sparkly Eyes

As 2014 Approaches...

  We are a couple of days away from the new year and I think It's always a little bit of a lull once Christmas and Boxing day are over and we are waiting to see in the new year. I'm always itching at this point for the new year to begin. After a lovely Christmas with hubby, I am soo looking forward to 2014.

My Last Five Months With Instagram...

I have only been using Instagram since I got my new iPhone back in July. I could never download the app on my previous phones, so I was so excited when I was finally able to get involved with the world of Instagram! As we're approaching the end of 2013 I thought I'd share with you my Instagram moments since July!

Top of my Wishlist...

When we were in Spain there wasn't much chance to go browsing around the shops. So, when we flew through Barcelona Airport (which we did a few times!) I made sure we had a good look at the shops there! I love the Spanish brands, Mango, Desigual and of course Zara.  I was so impressed with the collection at Zara and I'm sure it's different to the stock we have here in Dubai.

Our little adventure...

It's taken me over a week to get my self motivated to write my post about our recent adventure.I think I'm starting to suffer a bit from bloggers block and starting to feel a little bit disheartened with the whole 'blogging' thing. Anyway, enough of me whining and let me tell you about our trip to Spain! From my previous post you guys know that me and my hubby have been planning a few things and I am happy to be able to report back and let you know how things went. If you follow me on  Instagram and  Facebook you've probably guessed that we went over to Spain to look at houses and yes we found the perfect villa for us!

Just A Quickie...

Haha! I bet you're all wondering what's going to be in this post with that heading?! Lol...       I touched on the fact the other day that my hubby and I have been working on some future plans of ours and tomorrow we are off on some travels to hopefully get it kick started!

Bad Handwriting - Take Two

Continuing on from yesterdays post regarding my 'bad handwriting' I took the advice of my Google+ friend Zahra, who suggested I write down a post, take a photo and share it with you all.  So, I have done just that.  I wrote out yesterdays post in my trusty notebook and below are some pics for you all to judge for yourselves! I definitely think I need to start 'writing' more, as my hand writing is appalling! Let the bad handwriting battering begin!

Bad Handwriting? Is It Just Me??

Whilst writing out some Christmas cards I noticed my handwriting is getting quite bad. I must admit it's not the first time I've noticed my handwriting not being as neat as is used to be.  I got to thinking about this and I guess once you've left school/college/uni we probably do not write as much as we used too. In today's society so much is done on the computer. Blogging, emails instead of letters and even some birthday cards are sent from the internet.

Weigh-In Catch Up!

As you know I've been a little absent from my blog and that includes my weekly weigh-in. From yesterdays post, you know my Mum has been over and when you have visitors everything seems to be put aside, so I am now in catch up mode and getting back into everything! I have also, kind of been avoiding posting about my weight and exercise, as I still haven't made any real progress! Slightly ashamed by this!

Catch Up!

It's been a little while since I've been on my blog as I've had my Mum over visiting us from the UK. We had a lovely time and I'm so pleased she got to see a little of where we're living now, but as always it goes so quick! The sun is still shining here and it's a lovely temperature now in the evenings. Poppy is good and is relocating her sunbathing spots as the sun moves around the house!
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