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As 2014 Approaches...

We are a couple of days away from the new year and I think It's always a little bit of a lull once Christmas and Boxing day are over and we are waiting to see in the new year. I'm always itching at this point for the new year to begin. After a lovely Christmas with hubby, I am soo looking forward to 2014.

We have so many exciting things happening with the new house in Spain, I can't wait to get going! The Christmas decorations are now tidied away until next year and I'm beginning to have a good sort out and tidy up of the drawers and cupboards to get myself all organised for 2014! This year, I'm not making any 'New Years Resolutions' as we never stick to them do we?! But I am going to keep up my walking everyday, focus on my blog and generally be happy and positive!

New years eve we are staying in with some Pink Champagne (my fave!) and I'm going to cook a lovely roast dinner for me and the hubby! 

 Whatever you guys are up too
 I hope you have an amazing night! 
And a very 
Happy New Year to Everyone!
 See you in 2014!

H x x


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