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Bad Handwriting? Is It Just Me??

Whilst writing out some Christmas cards I noticed my handwriting is getting quite bad. I must admit it's not the first time I've noticed my handwriting not being as neat as is used to be. 

I got to thinking about this and I guess once you've left school/college/uni we probably do not write as much as we used too. In today's society so much is done on the computer. Blogging, emails instead of letters and even some birthday cards are sent from the internet.

When I think about it, the only time I actually seem to 'write' is a shopping list or a quick note and the odd card. It seems nobody writes letters any more as it is all email, so I suppose it's no surprise handwriting is deteriorating over the years. 

When I was little I always used to send letters to my grandparents and write thank you notes, but again these days everything is done using the computer. 

In the summer we sent my sister in law a post card while on holiday and she was so happy with it, as she said, nobody seems to send them anymore. Which is true. 

So, I am going to start making more of an effort to go back to the old ways and actually 'write' on paper, post a card rather then via a card service on the internet and pen a letter rather then email. 

Have we all become that busy that we don't have the time for it any more? I'm quite excited about it really and hopefully my handwriting will be back up to scratch soon!

H x x


  1. You could try the idea of a handwritten post on your blog..
    Write your blog post on a piece of paper then take a picture and upload it here
    It will improve your handwriting and gives us a chance to judge on how bad or how good it actually is :D

    1. Excellent idea Zahra! I like it : ) I will do this for my next post for sure!

    2. Great..
      I'll be reading and judging :p


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