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Catch Up!

It's been a little while since I've been on my blog as I've had my Mum over visiting us from the UK. We had a lovely time and I'm so pleased she got to see a little of where we're living now, but as always it goes so quick!

The sun is still shining here and it's a lovely temperature now in the evenings. Poppy is good and is relocating her sunbathing spots as the sun moves around the house!

I've renamed her Facebook page from 'It's all about Poppy' to 'Poppy's Page' (click here) as I thought it may of sounded a little 'precious' and discourage others to post pictures of their own animal babies!

 Also, I've set up a Facebook page for my blog, please take a peek and like my page (click here)

My husband and I have also been working on some future plans of ours! We're so excited, but I don't want to say too much and jinx things. All I'll say is, we're off on an adventure next week and hopefully I can reveal more then! So watch this space!! ; )

H x x


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