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Just A Quickie...

Haha! I bet you're all wondering what's going to be in this post with that heading?! Lol...
I touched on the fact the other day that my hubby and I have been working on some future plans of ours and tomorrow we are off on some travels to hopefully get it kick started!

I'm really hoping I can write a lovely post about it all when we're back. I maybe a little absent from my blog over the next few days, but I will be putting little clues on my Instagram (click here) and my Facebook page's (click here) so be sure to like my pages, so you can get a little preview with what's going on ; )

Have a Sparkling weekend everyone!
And catch up with you all when
I'm back!

H x x


  1. Have fun & we'll be waiting for you when you comeback..

    1. Thanks Zahra! : )

      And Thank you for liking my Facebook & Instagram! ; )


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