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Our little adventure...

It's taken me over a week to get my self motivated to write my post about our recent adventure.I think I'm starting to suffer a bit from bloggers block and starting to feel a little bit disheartened with the whole 'blogging' thing. Anyway, enough of me whining and let me tell you about our trip to Spain!

From my previous post you guys know that me and my hubby have been planning a few things and I am happy to be able to report back and let you know how things went. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you've probably guessed that we went over to Spain to look at houses and yes we found the perfect villa for us!

 I'm so so excited! It's a four bed detached on a corner plot. It's not completely finished just yet and the builder still needs to finish a few things off, but this is a good thing, as we got to choose the tiles for the main bathroom and the builder is changing a few things around for us! If all goes well we should be going back in March to complete and pick up the keys! 

Don't worry we are not leaving the UAE just yet, we wanted to nail down a villa while the prices are still low and use it as a holiday home for the time being and then live there once my husbands had enough of working in the UAE, hehe ; )

We had quite a little trip, as there isn't a direct flight from Dubai to Alicante. We flew Dubai to Barcelona and had about eight hours to kill before our internal flight down to Alicante. It wasn't all bad as we got to meet our friend for lunch and we have Priority Passes, so we got to chill out in the business lounge before our flight. 

We spent the weekend in Alicante being wined and dined by Atlas International and of course being shown the villas we wanted to look at. We flew back up to Barcelona on the Monday and stayed a couple more nights in a lovely seaside town not from the airport called Castelldefels. 

Hubby had some meetings at Barcelona airport and in Palma on the Tuesday before we flew back to Dubai Wednesday. All in all it was a fab little trip and we are completely in love with Spain again. We love the climate, the scenery, the people and are totally obsessed with menu of the day! Haha, everywhere does it, 3 courses and a drink for between 6 and 12 euros, always amazing food and huge portions! Bargain, Love It!!

For the flight I wore my grey jumper dress, Venus Cow black leggings
Old Navy ankle boots and a Pacsun scarf. Very comfy for our mega day!

 Cabo Cervera

 Out and About

The Villa!

The amazing roof terrace!

I know I am going to be obsessed with home furnishing magazines
and will be hunting the internet for inspiration 
of how we are going to decorate our new
amazing home!

Exciting times ahead!

H x x


  1. Love this photos. Your smile is so pretty! :)

    1. Hi Ivana!
      Thank you so much!
      Merry Christmas to you : )
      H : )


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