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Top of my Wishlist...

When we were in Spain there wasn't much chance to go browsing around the shops. So, when we flew through Barcelona Airport (which we did a few times!) I made sure we had a good look at the shops there! I love the Spanish brands, Mango, Desigual and of course Zara. 

I was so impressed with the collection at Zara and I'm sure it's different to the stock we have here in Dubai.

The one thing that caught my eye the most and I couldn't resist trying on was this Mink/Marl coat. On the hangar it didn't look too amazing, but I was still drawn to it. I said to hubby, I'll try it on just to get it out of my head, as it'll probably not suit me anyway. OMG!

I tried on a Medium and it fitted like a glove. I instantly felt brand new, transformed even. This would definitely be my coat for winter. It just felt so light and comfy, but looked smart and slightly edgy. This coat could easily be worn with a smart work outfit, a glam dress and heels for a night out and would also, be just as cool with your casual jeans and flats.

I'm still lusting after it now. It was so hard to resist and I had to be sensible, as where I live there isn't much need for a winter coat! It was 149euro which I thought was a reasonable price and it definitely looked far more expensive then that. 

I'm secretly hoping that when we travel back through Barcelona at the end of February, they will still have it in stock and maybe even on sale! Here's hoping!

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