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A Name Change?

Some of you may have noticed earlier today I had written and published a post about changing the name of my blog, which not soon after I deleted. I do like the name 'Suncream and Sparkles', but sometimes I can't help but think, it's a bit of a mouthful! Both my Instagram and Google+ names are sunsparkles282. So, I thought in my wisdom, why not call my blog 'Sunsparkles'. I thought it was a lot simpler and was more fitting.

I tried to go ahead with the changes, but when I went to change the blog address, 'Sunsparkles' was already taken. (Apologies if there is a 'Sunsparkles' out there already, I wasn't muscling in on your name!) I reverted everything back to 'Suncream and Sparkles' and even though I am happy overall with the name, I can't help but think can it be improved? Should it be improved? Or, is it best to leave it as is? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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