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A-Z of ME!

I got this idea from a few other blogs out there and I think it's a fab way to get to know everyone a bit better! So, I've compiled my list of A - Z! I hope you enjoy, it's just a bit of fun and to find out some random things out about me!


Is for Anantara Veli in the Maldives. 
We went there for my 30th Birthday a couple of years ago. The island is absolutely stunning, out of this world. We had a water bungalow with steps down to the ocean. The whole week we were made to feel so welcome and special. It definitely was the best birthday ever! (Look out for my Travel Thursdays starting up next week and this will definitely be featured)

Is for Britney Fox. 
This is the nickname my husband calls me! I'm really not to sure where this comes from, but I'm guessing it's a mixture of my maiden name Britton and that I love Britney Spears. I really don't know why the 'Fox' I'm hoping he thinks I'm foxy! Haha


Is for Cabin Crew. 
I was Cabin Crew for over five years for a UK charter airline. It was hard work and busy, but was great fun and they took me to some fab places! It was a mixture of long haul and short haul. A lot of the time we got to stay from five days to a week at our long haul destinations. I feel so lucky and privileged to of been able to experience the job and lifestyle. Lot's of memories were made and of course that's where I met my gorgeous hubby!


Is for Drama. 
Which was my favorite subject at school. I got a grade 'A' for it in my GCSE's. Unfortunately, I didn't follow it any further, which is such a shame. Even though I didn't have the greatest of confidence in my teenage years, something happened when I got on stage and I would just switch into character and be able to forget all my insecurities.


Is for Eggs. 
I eat loads of eggs. I love them scrambled, as an omelette and fried, but I think my favorite is poached. Yum, poached eggs on toast. Mmm, I think I'll have that for lunch today!! Haha...


Is for Forever 21
I love, love, love this shop! You can always find so much nice stuff and always at purse friendly prices! I also love how big their stores are. I always get lost for hours in there and always come out with some treasure even if I would just be 'browsing'.


Is for Green Tea. 
I am a bit of a tea monster and I love green tea. It's so good for you and I just love it. Simple as that!


Is for Hubby. 
I love my husband so much. We've been married for over three years now. We got married in secret overseas and didn't tell anyone! (A bit naughty I know, but thankfully all our family are still talking to us!) Mark and I have so much fun, I can completely be myself around him and he makes me feel so happy and safe. I couldn't wish for a better man.


Is for Instagram. 
Ever since I got my iPhone I have been slightly obsessed with Instagram. I love it! Any opportunity I'll put some photos up. I think it's a fab app and I love having a nose at everyone's pictures. Follow me here and let me know what you think of my pics!


Is for Jelly Babies. 
They freak me out! It's so weird, but I just can't eat them. Actually, any sweets or chocolate that is in the shape of an animal or person I just can't eat, they give me the creeps!


Is for Key West. 
Key West was where my hubby and I went on our first holiday together. It is an absolutely fab place. We drove down from Miami and there is such fantastic scenery. It is really is a relaxing, chilled out place to be, where anything goes!


Is for Lolo.
I posted a couple of days ago about my new app. The 7 minute workout from lolo. I absolutely love it and it's the first 'exercise' regime I've actually been able to stick to in a long time. I'm really excited as I feel really motivated with it and know I will keep it up.


Is for Malaysia.
Malaysia was where our overseas adventure all began. We were there for six months while hubby was working out there. Absolutely amazing city. We loved it. We used to go to a bar called Skybar at the Traders Hotel. I can't remember what floor it was on, but it had a fantastic view of the Patronas Towers and at night they looked spectacular when all lit up. 


 Is for Nails.
I love having my nails painted and I do them every week. I love corals and pinks. Now and then I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure, but no matter how long I stay under the drying machine I always chip at least one of my nails when I get my purse out to pay! Soo annoying, but it always happens!


Is for The O.C.
I was obsessed with the O.C when it was on the T.V. I have the whole series on boxset and have watched it so many times, but I've never got bored with it. Sadly, it's still in storage with some of our other stuff in the UK, but hopefully we will be moving it in the summer! I can't wait to get my hands on it again and have a complete O.C fest!


Is for Poppy.
Our beloved animal baby, Princess Poppy. We love her soo much and I'm always taking photos of her! My phone is chocka block with her picture. Poppy is the most spoilt puddy cat I know. She has so many toys, our house is covered with tunnels and feathers! Poppy even has her own Facebook page called Poppy's Page. I want her to be famous like Grumpy Cat, but it's not really working, Haha!


 Is for Quavers.
They are one of my favorite crisps. I love 'em!


Is for Regret.
When I was younger I was really skinny and tall and always wanted to be a model. I lacked so much confidence though that I never had the guts to go ahead with it. I'm now nearly 32 and even though I would have the confidence to do it now, I feel I'm too old and haven't really got the figure for it anymore! Too many muffin tops! I'm not sure if I would of been any good at it, but it is one of those things I think of all the time and really wished I had of just 'gone for it'. 


Is for Singapore Sling.
My favorite cocktail. Whenever we're out and they're on the menu I always have to have one!


Is for Toes.
I have the freakiest toe. My left foot has a bunion and the second toe in next to my big toe is hideously long! I hate it. It's so annoying as not all shoes fit me properly and peep toe shoes always look so silly on me, the extra long toe always pokes through!


Is for U.A.E.
We have lived in the U.A.E for about three and a half years now. We started off in Abu Dhabi then moved to Dubai and now we live in Ras Al Khaimah. We loved Abu Dhabi and I think out of the three, that's our favorite place to live. Dubai is a fantastic place to visit on holiday, but it's so busy now, it's quite a crazy place to actually 'live'. RAK is great. Nice and quiet. maybe slightly too quiet sometimes, but overall it's a lovely place and has everything you need.


Is for Villa.
We are in the process of buying a villa in Spain. We are so excited and can't wait for it all to be finalized. Initially we will use it as our holiday home, but will eventually end up there. So exciting!


Is for Wimpey.
My first job was at the Wimpey as a waitress. I started there when I was about fifteen and worked there for a couple of years. I actually loved it. It was a really nice place to work and all the staff got on and we always had a laugh.


Is for Xmas Cake.
I love xmas cake. It's something that I can easily eat all year round! I've always wanted to try making my own, but I think you have to start it quite a few months before xmas and I really haven't got the patients to wait that long! Haha


Is for Yo! Sushi.
This is one of mine and my husbands favorite places to eat. We hate being rushed when we go out for food so Yo! Sushi is perfect, as you pick the dishes at your own leisure while they go round on the little conveyer belt. I love salmon sahimini and always eat way too much when we go.


Is for Zara and Zara Home.
I have always been a fan of Zara, but since our recent visit to Spain and browsing around I saw so much I liked and I really think this will be my shop of choice from now on. Zara Home, well, everything is just stunning and I can't wait to get the keys for our villa and then I can be let loose in Zara Home!

I hope you have enjoyed the A-Z of ME! Let me know if this is something you've come across before, or going to try yourself or even already done! 

It's a holiday weekend here this weekend, so hubby has three days off, Wahoo!

Have a great weekend everyone!

H x x


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