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Question! Can we rock the bumbag!?

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw was seen rocking a Gucci bumbag in Sex and the City I have always wanted one, but never thought I'd be able to pull one off. Every now and then I see the odd celebrity wearing one and they always manage to look effortlessly cool with it slung around their hips.

 There are some fab designer ones out there, but when I searched the internet for more affordable versions on the high street, I didn't have much luck at finding any that suited. Sometimes, I think there's still this 'uncool' 80's stigma attached to the 'bumbag', but I am still drawn to them! I think a flat belt bag is the way to go. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for one and hopefully I'll be able to rock one like our favorite celebrities!

Let me know your thoughts if this is something you'd
go for and if you've found any fab
belt bags on the high street!

H x x


  1. Yeeeaaaahhh, I don't know about the hip bag thing. I have enough hips going on without adding an extra bag on there! I do love a good cross body bag though. A million cute options at every price point and still hands free!

    1. Hey Monica! Thanks for your comment lovely : )
      Cross body bags are a fab alternative, I do like to have my 'hands free' especially when doing a spot of retail therapy!
      ; )

  2. Bum Bags are brilliant. I remember them when they were trendy in the late 80's.

    1. Hi Anthea!
      Thank you for your comment : )
      Yeah, they're really growing on me and hands free too! : )


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