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Time to step it up!

We are well into the new year now with February lurking just round the corner, but unfortunately my Christmas weight is still here and being more stubborn then normal!

As I'm approaching my 32nd birthday I think it's time to 'step things up'! I posted a couple of weeks ago (here) about my discovery of the lolo apps and the 7 minute workout. I love them and can positively report I am doing the 7 minutes everyday and then alternating the other four apps, arms, legs, butt and abs. I do think this is helping, but I'm not really loosing anything, just maintaining.

So, I need to get myself motivated to walk everyday and mix it up with jogging. I've drawn up a rough chart for the next 30 days and have a '7' and a '30' in each box which I must tick off each day! The '7' for the 7 min workout and the '30' for at least a 30 min walk/jog.

I love a list, so I figured giving a 'tick' will give me some sort of satisfaction.

My iPods all updated and fully charged ready for tomorrows workout! I'm seriously on a mission now!

I really don't want to go on any drastic diets, as I love my food and I am still hoping that the theory of everything in moderation and regular exercise will do the trick! 

Wish me luck guys!

H x x


  1. Good job on making a plan! Girl you know the further we get past 30 the harder it is to lose any weight haha. I definitely slacked off pretty much all of November and December and ate whatever I wanted so I have had to step up my game too. I've seen some results just over the month of January and what's helped me a lot is lifting weights and cleaning up my diet. Nutrition really is important if you want to change your body! Good luck! :)

    1. Thanks Monica! I'm actually enjoying the extra exercise (which is good) and you're soo right about it getting harder to lose weight as we get into the 30's haha!
      I'm on a mission now haha : )


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