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Hyatt Regency, Kuantan, Malaysia

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This weeks post is all bout the Hyatt Regency, Kuantan. Back in 2010 we had six months in Kuala Lumpur while my husband was working out there. My husband worked a crazy shift pattern, but when he did have some time off we tried to make the most of it.

We discovered Kuantan when we were looking at the Hyatt website one day. Kuantan is on the East Coast of Malaysia and less then an hours flight away from KL.

We flew on Malaysian Airlines, but Air Asia do fantastic deals too. We went there three times in total. Twice for only one night and then once we went for two nights. It doesn't sound long to spend, but the hotel, even being a Hyatt, was so affordable and with cheap flights it made it a great little getaway. 

We were so impressed with the hotel. The rooms were very comfortable and the grounds were lovely too. There are two pools, one of them with a swim up bar which did some very tasty pizzas! The hotel was right on the beach so we had lovely sea views. Unfortunately, the beach was quite dirty, but it was still lovely to walk up and down in the sunshine! 

One time when we ventured up the beach, past some overgrown woodland, we saw something that looked very prehistoric run into the bushes! I was very dramatic and swear to this day it was a crocodile, but my husband reckons it could of been a giant lizard, as they are known out there and do get to a fair size! Either way, I'm glad it disappeared and didn't come towards us! At that point we did turn back!

Most of the time we ate in the seafood restaurant called Coals on the Beach. We sat out in the open air, listening to the waves crash against the shore, sipping wine, it was bliss. I remember the sea bass was our favorite. Next to the restaurant is a really cool bar called Sampan Bar. Again, overlooking the sea and the bar is made out of an old Vietnamese refugee vessel that apparently landed near the hotel. Again, it was a fantastic place to sit and sip a nice cool drink watching the sunset.

Inside the main hotel was the buffet restaurant where we had breakfast and it was certainly a good spread. I remember there being an Italian restaurant which was very nice and also another bar, which from memory was a sports type bar. Again, that was fun and they had a band playing most nights who were fairly entertaining (and loud!)

We didn't venture into Kuantan itself, but just to the side of the hotel there was a 'square' with a few little gift shops and some market stalls. There were wild monkeys everywhere, running about! Quite amazing to watch actually!

All in all I would recommend a visit here, we found it very good value for money and all the staff were very friendly and welcoming. Great memories.

Heather x

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  1. Lovely post Heather,
    Love your pictures, the see don't look dirty but very inviting I couldn't tell if you didn't wrote about it!

    Thanks for sharing your story :)

    1. Hi Irenee!
      Thank you so much for your comment!
      Yeah the beach up close was quite dirty with cigarette butts and litter unfortunately : (
      I think a little clean up would completely transform the place, because as you say the sea did look very inviting!
      Have a great day and thank you for reading!
      H : )


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