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Mauritius - Sofitel Mauritius L'Imperial Resort & Spa

It's my Birthday and I'll cry if I want to!

Yesterday, I saw in my 32nd Birthday! Crumbs, when did that happen?!  Being a mid-week birthday it was a quiet one, spent relaxing at home and when hubby got in from work we went out for coffee and chocolate brownies.  I remember the days when my birthdays were spent dancing the night away, with the alcohol flowing and the celebrating carrying on well into the next day... Waking up with bleary eyes and smudged mascara and having a headache that would go on for days...

The last week...

 Hiya guys!  Well, I've been a little absent from my blog this past week. I would love to be able to report to you guys with some amazing news of some adventure that has been keeping me super busy, but I'm afraid there isn't any real excuse!  After the excitement of my ring arriving, we had some very disappointing news from Spain regarding our new house. The builder had only a few alterations to do and in our eyes plenty of time to get it done. Now with the completion date looming, the builder still hasn't done many of the things we've asked. Also, what he has done, is not what we asked! Grrr... Granted some of the alterations do look really good, but he needs to get himself into gear and 'fix' his mistakes. As you can imagine, there were many emails and phone calls between us and Spain at the latter part of last week. We are hoping for a positive update today!

My weekend round up

I hope everyone had a fabulous, love inspired weekend! Yes, of course it's just been valentines day and the air has been filled with hearts and flowers!  This year though, my husband and I did agree not to buy any cards or anything (no we're not complete scrooges!) as cards are quite pricey in the UAE and we're saving money for our Spanish Villa and just trying to be a bit more wise and not too frivolous.

The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa

A bite to eat - Cristina Brazilian Cafe, Al Hamra Mall, RAK

When my husband returned home Thursday, after a long week working away in Amman we fancied popping out for a quick bite to eat. We wanted to keep it low key, nothing too fancy.  So, we headed over to Al Hamra Mall, which is located near to where we live. There are a few restaurants in there and more are opening up all the time.


Fashion inspiration - The year of The Wood Horse

In Chinese astrology, this year is the year of the Wood Horse. Which gives me some exciting new fashion inspiration. Especially with the cowboy boot rumoured to be making a comeback and recently seeing Madonna and Miley rocking some western themed outfits for MTV Unplugged. I feel this trend is definitely a strong contender.

Walks and Windsurfs

This morning I embarked on my daily walk, which was only a walk today, as I pushed myself into jogging most of the way yesterday and my legs are feeling it today! I usually walk around the golf course, but today I took a different route and walked past one part of the beach, at Al Hamra Village. It rained during the night and the sky was still looking fairly moody this morning, but luckily the sun came out and I managed to take few snaps of the canoes and windsurfs moored up on the beach.
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