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Fashion inspiration - The year of The Wood Horse

In Chinese astrology, this year is the year of the Wood Horse. Which gives me some exciting new fashion inspiration.

Especially with the cowboy boot rumoured to be making a comeback and recently seeing Madonna and Miley rocking some western themed outfits for MTV Unplugged.

I feel this trend is definitely a strong contender.

To achieve this look, I'm thinking along the lines of equestrian chic with a twist of western cowgirl. Leggings and skinny jeans are certainly a wardrobe favorite, so this would be our starting point.

Teamed with a pair of flat knee high or cowboy boots, a simple shirt or top with a blazer and voila, equestrian chic, easy and simple.

Mixing it up with horsey themed jewellery or print, would really bring this look up to date. Keeping in the theme of the Wood Horse, I'd suggest keeping the tones simple with neutrals, dark browns and blacks.

I hope you enjoy channeling your inner Wood Horse!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

H x x


  1. This is an awesome post. I was just thinking the same thing about the chic look making a comeback not to mention I love horses as well. Awe outfit for the great outdoors Heather

    1. Hey Sierra!
      Thank you soo much for your lovely comment!
      Have a great weekend
      : )


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