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It's my Birthday and I'll cry if I want to!

Yesterday, I saw in my 32nd Birthday! Crumbs, when did that happen?! 

Being a mid-week birthday it was a quiet one,
spent relaxing at home and when hubby got in from work we went out for coffee and chocolate brownies. 

I remember the days when my birthdays were spent dancing the night away, with the alcohol flowing and the celebrating carrying on well into the next day... Waking up with bleary eyes and smudged mascara and having a headache that would go on for days...

I can safely say, I am pleased those days are over and I'm more then happy with how mine went yesterday! It seems, as the years go on, the cards, presents and messages get less and less and somehow the 'birthday' starts to feel less significant, or is it that we are getting older and don't really want to think about another year passing us by? 

This morning I had the best email pop up in my inbox. My bestest friend in the whole world wrote to me and it was so nice hearing from her and I cried and cried (in a good way). My husband thinks I'm slightly strange, crying when I was 'happy', but hey I'm a girl... My friend Frankie and I have been friends since school and even though our lives have gone in completely different directions and we don't speak from one year to the next, we still have this unbelievable bond, that it always feels like 'yesterday' when we do speak, with no weirdness or awkwardness, we simply pick up from where we left off! Absolutely love her to bits!

I must say I am feeling very positive and motivated today! Even though we are now told our house in Spain won't be ready for another month, we are trying to put our emotion aside and stay positive and strong. We are trying to spin the situation in a good way, where we will still travel over as planned and instead of picking up the keys, we will kick the builders into gear! 

I will be back with updates for you all!

Have a lovely day peeps!
Keep sparkling!

H x x


  1. Ah happy birthday! I, too, have grown weary of the birthday alcohol parties haha. No hangovers is the way to go!

    1. Aww, Thank you Monica! I know, I just wouldn't cope these days haha! : )

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Heather <3


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