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My weekend round up

I hope everyone had a fabulous, love inspired weekend! Yes, of course it's just been valentines day and the air has been filled with hearts and flowers!

 This year though, my husband and I did agree not to buy any cards or anything (no we're not complete scrooges!) as cards are quite pricey in the UAE and we're saving money for our Spanish Villa and just trying to be a bit more wise and not too frivolous.

But, we did meet our friend on Friday at Hard Rock in Dubai, for a lovely lunch. He's been in Dubai for nearly four months now and with his and our busy schedules, we haven't been able to arrange a meet up till then. Afterwards, my husband did whisk me off to the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. Which was an amazing experience! So much gorgeous jewelley and they will make anything you want! I can't believe after nearly four years in the UAE, that was our first outing there! But, it won't be our last!!!

After being married for over three years we finally bought my engagement ring! Confused!? Yep, we just kinda decided to get married one day and skipped the engagement, the lavish wedding planning and just went and said 'I Do'!

I am eagerly waiting for my delivery today! I haven't had my wedding ring on all weekend (as they kept it for cleaning and sizing while they made my engagement ring) My ring finger feels so weird, completely lost without my wedding band! Also, I had a 'Guess' bracelet which broke last summer and needed a new clasp, so they're fixing that for me too! Be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram (here) for some updated pictures!
Along with chilling in the sun and relaxing walks on the beach, I had a pretty special Valentines weekend! I hope you guys had a great weekend too and were spoilt by your loved ones!

H x x


  1. This is such a sweet post. Nice and heart-felt. Lol. How cute.. Heather you rock!!!


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