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The last week...

 Hiya guys! 

Well, I've been a little absent from my blog this past week. I would love to be able to report to you guys with some amazing news of some adventure that has been keeping me super busy, but I'm afraid there isn't any real excuse!

 After the excitement of my ring arriving, we had some very disappointing news from Spain regarding our new house. The builder had only a few alterations to do and in our eyes plenty of time to get it done. Now with the completion date looming, the builder still hasn't done many of the things we've asked. Also, what he has done, is not what we asked! Grrr... Granted some of the alterations do look really good, but he needs to get himself into gear and 'fix' his mistakes. As you can imagine, there were many emails and phone calls between us and Spain at the latter part of last week. We are hoping for a positive update today!

Along with the Spanish dramas, my laptop is slowly dying on me and is beginning to be very frustrating. It's so slow and always stops 'responding'. Even writing this post is becoming quite a challenge.

But that shouldn't keep a blogger down, 'eh?! So, I am powering through my laptop troubles and hoping to bring you some good posts over the next few days!

I must tell you about my Sister-in-Law Kaye. She's just set up a blog, over on Wordpress called 'The Write Therapy' . She's a qualified psychotherapist & freelance writer, so it will definitely be a good read!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has
a sparkling day!

H x x


  1. Heather, I'm wishing everything will all come together in the end. I know how it feels when you just want things done so you can move into your new place. Waiting seems like eternity. But all in all stay positive and it will help everyone in the end. Hoping for a win-win situation. By the way, your sister-in-law's blog is amazing. Thanks for pointing me in that direction, now I have both your site and hers bookmarked.

    Take care.

    1. Hi Sierra, Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes you're right, definitely need to stay positive, I'm sure it'll all come together in the end. I'm pleased you like Kaye's blog, I knew she'd do really well at it, she's so creative and has a 'way' with words. Lovely to hear you enjoy my blog too : ) makes me happy and gives me inspiration to keep it going! Have a great day lovely. Take Care x x

  2. Hey you, thanks for the mention. Sorry to hear about the house, but you can still enjoy your trip by taking note of local shops that will be useful for adding your sparkly touch to your new home! xx

    1. Kaye! Thank you for you lovely comment and I'm soo sorry I'm only just getting back to you, bad sister-in-law I am haha! ( we have been in touch since the trip lol but yes it was a good trip in the end, very productive) Hope you're blog's going well.. Take care lovely.... Love Heather x x x


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