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We went to the Seychelles in August 2011 and January 2012.

The first time we went, we stayed at the Berjaya Hotel, Beau Vallon Bay, Mahe (here) and the second time we were booked into the same hotel, but we could only cope with one night before we relocated to the Kempinski Resort, Baie Lazare (here).  

Berjaya Hotel, Beau Vallon Bay, Mahe
Aug 2011

We chose the area Beau Vallon Bay, as my husband went there with his parents when he was a little boy and has fond memories of the holiday.

They stayed at the Coral Strand, which wasn't available at the time when we wanted to go, as it was in the middle of major renovations.

Berjaya Hotel was the crew hotel for the airline my husband worked for at the time, so we thought that it would be a perfect one to book into.

To be honest the hotel was really disappointing. It was very dated and felt quite shabby. It was clean enough though, so we thought 'it will do' as we were only there for a couple of nights and got a good rate on it.

The area though of Beau Vallon Bay is stunning. The beach is beautiful. Very tranquil and had a real romantic feel to it. There's a market every Wednesday from memory. There really are some great little finds. I bought a colourful, chunky, beaded necklace and we got the usual 'holiday' fridge magnet.

There are a few restaurants around which means you're not restricted to the hotel and of course not paying the hotel tax on food and drink.

We went to La Fontaine Restaurant a few times. It was a great spot overlooking the beach, ample outdoor seating and it had a lovely relaxed vibe to it. Great place for a few afternoon Seybrews! The food was good too, quite a variety on the menu.

We did eat in the hotel as well. We had pizza from their Pizzeria restaurant, also overlooking the beach. I must admit the pizza was very nice and even though the prices for drinks are obviously more in the hotels, sometimes it's nice being in walking distance to your room.

The hotel, is also home to some giant Tortoise's which were very sweet actually. We loved Beau Vallon Bay, but unfortunately the hotel let's itself down and could benefit from a refurbishment, as it is in such a fab location.

Kempinski Resort, Baie Lazare
Jan 2012

The second time we went to the Seychelles we were booked into the Berjaya again, but the hotel were having some problems with the electrics.

When we arrived we were really tired, as our flight left Dubai in the early hours of the morning.

We were told the problem would only be a few hours, so we thought we'd have a sleep, then when we wake everything would be back to normal. A few hours later, still no electricity and still no water in the room, so we couldn't freshen up or anything.

The hotel put on a complimentary buffet because of the problems they were experiencing, so we thought we'd try that and not let things ruin our trip. Well, the buffet was awful, 'guess the mess' was more of fitting description, complete darkness except from some tea lights around the place.

When querying things at the front desk the staff were rude and unhelpful. We decided to stay the one night as it was paid and no point checking into a new hotel at nine o'clock at night.

First thing the next day we checked out and checked ourselves into the Kempinski Resort, which hadn't been open that long and was going through 'soft opening', so not all restaurants were available.

Well, when we arrived it was a breath of fresh air.

Welcoming and helpful staff, all with smiles on their faces! We were shown to our room which was absolutely stunning! The whole hotel grounds were beautiful and we did feel like we were in paradise.

We ate at the beach side restaurant most of the time, we did find it slightly pricey and the portion sizes were on the small side. Unfortunately, there isn't anything near the hotel, so you are restricted to the hotels restaurants.

I expect now though, that they are all fully open and have more of a choice. All that aside, we were extremely impressed with the Kempinski and if you are looking for a quiet 'chillout' for a few days this resort would be perfect. 

We would definitely go back to the Seychelles. We are so lucky that living in the UAE it is only a four hour flight away, so easy for a few nights break.

Even though we loved the Kempinski and think it's absolutely stunning, we were so relaxed after our stay there, I think we would go back to Beau Vallon Bay. 

Only because there is more to do in the area and you are not restricted to the resort, but we would definitely choose a different hotel from the Berjaya Hotel! 

The Coral Strand which is now open, looks very nice from the pictures and there is also a Le Meridian further up the beach, which also looks a lovely place to stay!


  1. Heather honey you're living life and that's why I follow your blog. Its so inspiring and you take the most beautiful picture. I've always wanted to visit Dubai and travel there, but living there just seemed too out of reach for me. How is the living there, I'm sure it was more than a breathe of fresh air unlike that mess of a hotel yall had to stay in.

    Well, I was glad that nothing ended in horror and keep reading so see that the other hotel was so nice for you and your husband. It must be nice to travel to Seychelles because I want to visit other countries and possibly meet you and your husband. One tip I did want to leave is that when writing your blog post, make your one chunk of paragraph in smaller ones. Like I did with this reply.

    When you have many short paragraphs, it makes it easy for the reader to read and better to digest the information. let's face it, so many people don't like to read but when they do, a long chunky paragraph will run them away because it seems like too much. that's just a word of advice. Other than that, you're doing a fabulous job and one day I will meet you on the beaches of the world. Take care.

    1. Hi Sierra!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and tip! Yes, you're so right, when I just scrolled back through it is a bit of a 'chunk' of writing! Definitely something to work on. : )

      Thank you so much for reading my blog and I'm pleased you enjoy it. I'm really enjoying doing the travel posts, it's lovely looking back on our travels and being able to share our adventures!

      Dubai is a great place to visit! It is quite a crazy, busy place to live at times!

      Thanks again for reading and commenting I really appreciate it! Take Care and hope to meet you one day! ; )

  2. Wow...heaven on earth! I must travel here before I get too old haha. Lovely photos!

    1. Thanks Monica : ) It is absolutely stunning there, it's one of our favorite places! Hoping to go back next year! Fingers crossed ; )


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