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Poorly Poppy

I think by now, you're all kind of aware how much I love my little cat Poppy! If you follow me on  Instagram  you would of seen one or two photos of my Popsybubble, Haha. Just before the weekend we noticed she started sneezing quite a bit..... Unlike humans, sneezing in cats and probably dogs too, isn't really the norm. I started to Google her symptoms and cat-flu kept on coming up.

Return to the Banyan Tree - Ras Al Khamiah UAE

Back in laptop heaven

As some of you have probably noticed over the past few weeks or so, I've been having major laptop issues! It's been a very frustrating time in my little blogging and internet world, trust me.... We have been looking at laptops in the shops, but nothings really grabbed me. I was being drawn to the macbook air, but sadly that's slightly out of our price range at the moment. I then remembered we had a little Samsung notebook in the cupboard, that had only been used a couple of times (we use to have it hooked up to the main T.V, to watch UK television through)

Waving it up

It seems like at the moment everyones chopping their locks, going blonde and opting for a more sleeker defined hairstyle. But, I'm feeling slightly different.... I really like the idea of long, wavy, flowing hair. Whether it's because summer is approaching or as I'm getting a little older, I'm becoming more relaxed and happy within myself and my style and I don't feel I have to comform to any particular trends or followings.

Today's outfit

This morning hubby had a slightly later start then normal.  I took the opportunity and nabbed him to snap a couple of photos of me, so I can share my ootd with you guys....

A blue hue

My newest item of clothing, which I'm loving,  is this blue roll sleeved tee, from Marks and Spencer. I love the pale blue color and ship motif on the front. It is lovely and light, so perfect for Spring/Summer, but it is slightly see through, which where I'm living is a bit of a no no! So, I just pop a white vest top underneath and it works perfectly.

Update on the Spanish dream

Hola! I'm Back!  It's been a little while since I updated on my blog and I feel really bad for being away from you guys for the past few weeks. But, I'm back and ready to get back in the swing of things... We got back from a trip to Spain last week and we had such a fab time. Even though we were quite stressed out with the delays on the property before we went, I can report back that the house is coming along really well and it wasn't as bad as we thought. Sometimes pictures do lie! We've picked a new kitchen, which I'm so excited about. The outside of the house is being re-rendered and painted, we chose a slightly lighter shade then it previously had. Next month we will return and pick up the keys! So very excited!
Skimlinks Test