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Return to the Banyan Tree - Ras Al Khamiah UAE

The community swimming pool near our house has been having maintenance work on it for the past few months, but to our delight on Thursday it finally re-opened. So, that was it, our weekend planned, to fry and frazzle in the sunshine and start getting our tans on the go. We sat out for quite a few hours on Friday, but on Saturday it was really busy and it got to the point that it really wasn't relaxing any more. So, we went home, quick shower and change and we went off to the Banyan Tree Beach Resort for a cheeky afternoon drink. I have written about the Banyan Tree before, see the post  here but it's so special there, it deserves more then one post! We took the small boat across the water, which really is a treat in itself. Maybe it's just me, but I love boats and no matter how short the boat ride is, it's always fun!  The temperature was beautiful with a slight breeze. Just as remembered, the atmosphere was so peaceful