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Back in laptop heaven

As some of you have probably noticed over the past few weeks or so, I've been having major laptop issues! It's been a very frustrating time in my little blogging and internet world, trust me....

We have been looking at laptops in the shops, but nothings really grabbed me. I was being drawn to the macbook air, but sadly that's slightly out of our price range at the moment.

I then remembered we had a little Samsung notebook in the cupboard, that had only been used a couple of times (we use to have it hooked up to the main T.V, to watch UK television through)

So, at the weekend we bought some kaspersky and a little portable cd drive for it and voila, I'm back in action! I've been busy setting everything up and bookmarking my favorite pages etc. I'm still getting to grips with typing on it, as the keyboard is smaller then I'm use to. Saying that though, I'm loving my new notebook and really am back in laptop heaven, where everything works and loads quickly and efficiently!

Thanks for stopping by!

H x x


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