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Poorly Poppy

I think by now, you're all kind of aware how much I love my little cat Poppy! If you follow me on Instagram you would of seen one or two photos of my Popsybubble, Haha.

Just before the weekend we noticed she started sneezing quite a bit.....

Unlike humans, sneezing in cats and probably dogs too, isn't really the norm. I started to Google her symptoms and cat-flu kept on coming up.

Very worried, I read further and she's not showing all the symptoms, but she does have 'gunky' eyes, not streaming, but they're irritating her slightly. Distressingly, if it is cat-flu, according to the internet there isn't any real cure. Bad news.

Luckily though she does seem better today. I've only counted one sneeze and her eyes are looking clearer. Fingers crossed whatever it is, it will 'by pass' her quickly. 

Couldn't bare it if there was anything seriously wrong with her!

Thanks for stopping by!

H x x


  1. Hope she gets better soon x

    1. Thanks Steph, I think she's gonna be ok, I'm just an overprotective mummy, lol! x x


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