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Update on the Spanish dream

Hola! I'm Back! 

It's been a little while since I updated on my blog and I feel really bad for being away from you guys for the past few weeks. But, I'm back and ready to get back in the swing of things...

We got back from a trip to Spain last week and we had such a fab time. Even though we were quite stressed out with the delays on the property before we went, I can report back that the house is coming along really well and it wasn't as bad as we thought. Sometimes pictures do lie! We've picked a new kitchen, which I'm so excited about. The outside of the house is being re-rendered and painted, we chose a slightly lighter shade then it previously had. Next month we will return and pick up the keys! So very excited!

We stayed at La Zenia Beach Hotel, which we were very impressed with. The rooms were comfy and spacious with an excellent sea view. Staff were friendly and welcoming and the hotel is in an excellent location. Le Zenia beach is gorgeous and I cannot wait to start spending time there. 

While away I really didn't take many pictures at all! Which I know I've probably committed a huge 'blogger' crime, haha, but I was so busy sorting out house stuff and if I'm honest, just chilling with hubby and enjoying getting to know the area of our future home!

 Hope everyone has 
a great week!

Thanks for stopping by

H x x


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