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Ugly sandals

Now, I heard the rumor a little while ago, about the ugly sandals making a comeback. No, it'll never materialize. Arghhhhh! But it has. OMG! Everywhere it seems are those hideous, chunky, velcro sandals that, I'm sorry just makes me shudder. I'm even seeing socks are being worn with them! Pleaseeeee stop it now! No matter who you are, they do NOT look good. I'm soo shocked they have become, 'fashionable'.

St. Pete's Beach, Florida


You may (or may not!) have noticed, I've been a little absent for the past week or so and have been strangely quiet on the social media front.  Well, it was that time for hubby and me to fly over to Spain and (finally) exchange on our new house! Wahoo! We had a fantastic time and so unbelievably busy. I really can't believe how quick the week went. The house is perfect and I am obsessed with garden centres, haha.  As it's a new house the garden is a complete blank canvas. We have so many ideas and have already planted a Palm Tree, Lemon Tree and Orange Tree. How very grown up of us!


Shopping haul # 6

Now this ones for the guys! And the last of the purchases from the mini shopping spree! (maybe there was some biscuits from M&S, but they're never round for long to snap pictures of, hehe!) Can't forget darling hubby and he was in need of some new clothes too.

Shopping haul # 5

Now, I reckon these must be my favorite purchase of the spree (and the cheapest!). My new gladiator boots. I am absolutely obsessed with them! I got them from Matalan and they were only 49 aed! (£8/€10/$14). I have been a fan of gladiator styles for a while now, but have never ventured to the boot version. I have always admired them on celebrities and in the press, but I've never been brave enough to give them ago and always felt my legs are a bit 'chunky' and worried the ankle boot style would 'cut' my legs and make them look chunkier!

Shopping haul # 4

The next item on the mini shopping spree is this gorgeous maxi skirt, from American Eagle. Maxi skirts have been around for years now and I reckon they're here to stay. Which I'm soo happy about! Especially living out here in the UAE, the summers get unbelievably hot and still having to be respectful to the local traditions, the maxi skirt is the perfect item to have.

Shopping haul # 3

Of course no shopping trip in our household would be complete without getting a little  present for our Poppy! We always pop into the shop Tchibo. We find that it's quite a 'random' shop and sells all-sorts. Always good for a browse! There was quite a few bits for pets and we came across this....

Shopping haul # 2

 My next purchase from our little shopping spree, are these gorgeous flip flops  from Victoria's Secret PINK range. Again, I was first introduced to Victoria's Secret from my flying days. So I was so happy, once again to find one of my favorite brands here in the UAE.  I've always been a fan of their flip flops, they are so comfy and always have a fun color and pattern to them. When we were in the States last year they were on my list, but unfortunately I couldn't find any anywhere......

Shopping haul # 1

Good morning, good morning!

I hope everyone's had/having a fab weekend. As you know, Sunday is the start of the week here in the UAE, as Friday and Saturday are our weekends. I've packed hubby off to work and I'm catching up with emails etc over a cup of green tea (of course! see recent post  here ) before I embark on my usual Sunday, of blitzing the house from top to bottom! #domesticgoddess

Just a quickie....

Hiya guys! Well, I just wanted to do a quick check in with you lovely lot! Last night it was blowing a hooley here in the UAE. Absolutely ridiculous winds and rain. Luckily we only had one casualty being  our cactus which blew over and the pot smashed! We do have some spare plastic ones, so hopefully we can re-pot him, as we are quite fond of the little fella!

My free oriental fan!

As you've all probably gathered by now, I love a bargain! (and a freebie, haha). The other day in my local supermarket I picked up the latest issue of Grazia magazine (one of my favorites here in the Middle East). Anyway, there's a free....

Zara perfume

Green tea and me

I've noticed these past few weeks that I've been drinking a crazy amount of  tea and coffee. This can't be good.  I've always been a fan of herbal teas, especially Green Tea and Peppermint Tea and more recently.... I've been leaning towards Lemon Tea as well! I've been reading up about Green Tea and it has so many good health benefits. I thought I'd share some of my findings with you!
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