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You may (or may not!) have noticed, I've been a little absent for the past week or so and have been strangely quiet on the social media front. 

Well, it was that time for hubby and me to fly over to Spain and (finally) exchange on our new house! Wahoo! We had a fantastic time and so unbelievably busy. I really can't believe how quick the week went. The house is perfect and I am obsessed with garden centres, haha. 

As it's a new house the garden is a complete blank canvas. We have so many ideas and have already planted a Palm Tree, Lemon Tree and Orange Tree. How very grown up of us!

While I was there I had NO internet access! Arghhhh, was how I was feeling the first few days and every time we stopped off at the local mall I frantically tried to log on, but then after a few days it actually was a nice feeling not having any wifi! Hey, even unpaid bloggers are allowed time off right?!

We had the best time in Spain and are even more in love with the place then ever! I finally got my haircut and my new hairdresser is brilliant! She knew exactly what I wanted and it was so refreshing having a proper conversation with a hairdresser and actually enjoying the experience, without being on edge wondering what they're gonna do next. Looking forward to getting my colour done next time.

The weather was just gorgeous. The food, amazing. And of course perfect company with hubby : )
We are itching to get back and of course return to the garden centre for more plants and ideas!

We were only away from the UAE for a week, but my god the temperature has rocketed. It is steaming hot now and we constantly have the air con on. The pool is looking more and more inviting by the minute! After a mega clean up day today and settling Pops back in (not that she really needed any help on that matter haha, she was straight back in the window sunbathing!) I think I will be going over for a dip and try to burn off my holiday weight, as I seemed to have doubled in sized and desperately need to shift some lbs before next weekend! 

I hope everyone's had a good week! 
Thanks for stopping by and as always
have a sparkling day!

H x x


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