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Just a quickie....

Hiya guys! Well, I just wanted to do a quick check in with you lovely lot! Last night it was blowing a hooley here in the UAE. Absolutely ridiculous winds and rain. Luckily we only had one casualty being
 our cactus which blew over and the pot smashed! We do have some spare plastic ones, so hopefully we can re-pot him, as we are quite fond of the little fella!

Because of said storms it was very overcast and dusty this morning, so hubby and I thought, perfect mall day. Off we went to Dubai, to Mirdif City Centre mall, we ended up having a bit of a mini shopping spree. Ending the day at YO! Sushi, one of our favorites here in Dubai.

Anyway, I can't wait to share with you guys my new purchases and treats, I'm so excited!

Hopefully the sun will be back out tomorrow so we can sun bake!

Catch you all in the week!

Have a sparkling weekend!

H x x

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